GeoValDi Engineering,  thanks to the multidisciplinary know-how of its team, is able to offer its high competence for the production of biotechnologies and design of medical devices in the field of Life Sciences, in compliance with the regulations and in line with an ever-growing request from the market.

The technological evolution of the recent decades and the important scientific discoveries in the biomedical field, have made possible an interaction between engineering, medicine and biology, creating diagnostic techniques able to investigate and resolve important pathologies.

The ambitious and realistic purpose is to develop a valid bioengineering strategy in biomedical field able to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases.

The disabled athlete preparing to start running
Life science researcher  performing a genotyping testing which enables personalized medicine. PM is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare.
artificial hand

“The engineering methodology for health protection”

We design the following biomedical devices:

  • Biomedical equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Prosthesis and aids for disabled
  • Methods of analysis for biological systems
Genetic engineering research concept of human biotech modification and gene therapy.

GeoValDi Engineeringin close collaboration with specialists, researchers, doctors and biologists, provides its biomedical engineering knowledge and multidisciplinary approaches to investigate and resolve medical-biological problems.

The application of various engineering disciplines such as cybernetics, biomechanics, biochemistry, bioenergetics and biosystematics along with an adequate knowledge of anatomy, biology, physiology, pathology, allow our engineers to focus on the biomedical system (a component, a cell, an organic function, a biochemical process, etc.) solving the problems with engineering tools.

The biomedical engineer is able to identify the medical-biological problem thanks to a comprehensive vision. He develops analytic methods for complex biological systems through the virtual analysis with the help of artificial models that encode signals from biological responses.

He identifies innovative materials for the reconstruction of organs and biological tissues; he designs electro-medical equipment as well as artificial organs and prosthesis, bio and nanotechnologies.

Our engineers, in accordance with the regulation and highest security standards, want to improve the medical diagnostics and make more effective the treatment of difficult pathologies. We are aware that a strong synergy between researchers, biomedical engineers, doctors and biologists may open the way to a future in which health may be ever more protected and healing from complex pathologies a possible goal.

Two robotic arms modifying a dna helix. Digital illustration.

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