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Our engineers’ work is based on cooperation and on the comparison between mutual knowledge. Having a unified and multidisciplinary team is a resource in which the combination of professionalism, intuitions and experiences represent a valuable resource to obtain excellent results.

The Synergy and solidity of a team is the added value for the success of every project and it is GeoValDi Engineering distinct quality. Professionals work in specialized teams to offer the finest know-how to the project.

Today the ever growing energy demand and the need to use it in a logical, efficient and environmentally sustainable manner makes the participation of many professional figures a prerogative.

Therefore, working together is essential to ensure that technological development can guarantee security and sustainability.

Designing with security means: being aware that the use of each form of energy, even those renewable and alternative, can represent a risk for the ecosystem, if not properly managed. We must therefore know the nature of the various sources of energy and the implications arise from their use; it is necessary to plan strategic evaluations, to understand the allocation of the type of energy resource to a specific place and use.

The engineers of GeoValDi Engineering are specialists in their field and have gained an excellent preparation in the energy field. They are capable of designing for both civil and industrial sector, applying the most advanced and efficient technologies. Our team is conscious that we are in a time of change, in which even in the construction sector new materials and techniques are in line with the energy saving philosophy.


Highly versatile professional capabilities are what identify our Team. Our professionals stand out for the experience acquired in the field and the ability to synthesize the physical experience using the most sophisticated design methodologies thanks to the innovative technology offered by CAD-CAE 3D.

Thanks to the use of calculation software, we are able to accelerate each project phase, enhancing the development of the product through preliminary safety tests that reduce the costs of realization of prototypes.

During its manufacture we can also implement the potential of the project thanks to the aid of physical-mathematical insights.

To this working methodology we add simplicity, a lean and a clean design. We are convinced that to realize durable and easy to use system structures, it is necessary to balance the various factors related to the realization of an innovative energy conscious technology.

Our Team’s characteristics are: dynamism, versatility, and interchangeability. Our engineers know how to face every challenge and they actively participate in the implementation of the biggest change of our times: live in a technologically healthy and environmentally sustainable world.

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