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GeoValDi Engineering designs, in respect of the environment and of the national and international legislations, eco-compatible building constructions creating a sustainable balance between the artificial and natural world.

The increasing necessity to protect the environment in all areas of engineering caused an important impact on the construction sector, in particular this vision lead designers to develop innovative constructions that participate in the process of energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, if on one hand a lower energy consumption is achieved by saving energy through the direct usage and through efficient and eco-sustainable energy production systems, on the other hand it is strengthened by the creation of buildings capable of not dispersing heat and cooperating in the creation of a sustainable way of living.

Progettazione edilizia
progettazione edilizia residenziale
progettazione edilizia civile

“ Green Building, the new era of sustainable living ”

We design the following buildings for public or private clients:

  • Civil and industrial buildings
  • Direct and indirect foundations
  • Deep foundations
  • Load-bearing structures in reinforced concrete
  • Steel structures
  • Supporting walls and consolidation works
  • Structural calculations in reinforced concrete
  • Structural calculations in steel
  • Provisional works
  • Planning and development of the building process
  • Development of urban planning and design
  • infrastructure
progettazione edilizia industriale

The construction sector represents the engineering field in which the impact of the artificial world on the environment is more evident. It is in this context that the work of the engineer acquires a fundamental role designing constructions intended to last for decades. It is precisely in this area that the need of energy saving, environmental and technological innovation, requires the designer to provide logical constructions by introducing bio-compatible materials that ensure a low thermal dispersion. These materials intervene in a combined and integrated production cycle of environmentally sustainable energy.

GeoValDi Engineering, is specialised in the design of innovative buildings with a rational utilization of the space that controls the territory erosion and favors a requalification of the external environment, all in compliance with the urban legislation that claims for more responsible constructions in order to protects the green spaces.

Our team of engineers performs accurate environmental impact assessments and then develops projects that can be define as true active filters, membranes that interact with the surrounding enviroment thanks to their position, architectural structure, materials used and energy systems applied.

This new type of buildings are created with innovative, bio-compatible, insulating and breathable materials which, for example, can retain the heat flow by preventing a large loss of energy in winter and that are capable of limiting the solar radiation in the summer by favoring a reduction in air-conditioners consumption. Along with this building’s structural capacity to save energy, it integrates alternative and renewable energy systems for the production and use of energy such as solar, photovoltaic and geothermal; in this way a dynamic building system is obtained, capable of diversifying its performance in different environmetal conditions and  on the needs of those who live there.

The building structure can be intended as a structural organism, capable of exploiting the natural resources to produce energy with zero COemissions. In line with the legislation in the field of energy saving (Law 10/91 and Legislative Decree 311/06 and other modifications and/or integrations) the task of the engineer is to design buildings with high energy performances by orienting the choices toward insulating eco-compatible materials that have good mechanical, thermal-hygrometric, acoustic characteristics that ensure low values of thermal transmittance and durability.

fasi della progettazione edilizia

Our structural engineers have an high competence and experience in the design of deep and superficial foundations, of bearing structure, and ensure the highest standards of safety in the design of complex building projects. Their professionalism is supported by a deep geo-technical knowledge and a full acquisition of the technical standards of construction (NTC 2008) that require to study the behaviour of the whole structure in a non-linear field and verify the capacity of the materials to resist beyond their elastic limit.

The use of advanced simulation and calculation software allow us to rapidly create projects of complex structures and incorporate innovative technological systems to offer customers a complete, innovative and excellent engineering product.

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