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GeoValDi Engineering designs the most innovative automation systems using sophisticated simulation, calculation software and advanced design techniques. We ensure the creation of eco-sustainable products, with a low environmental impact, high quality and safety standards imposed by national and international regulations.

In line with the legislation, which imposes an increasing attention to energy saving, we propose a mechanical design at the forefront in various sectors such as the creation of complex equipment for the production of energy (renewable and traditional), aero structures, automotive, bio-mechanics. We guarantee high professionalism and an excellent product that maximizes the use of energy for high performance with low power consumption.

The engine of airplane

“ Eco sustainable Automation, a possible goal ”

We design the following automation systems:

  • Civil and industrial equipment
  • Machineries for the production of energy (renewable and traditional)
  • Components for civil and industrial systems (turbines, compressors, pressure system, valves, hydraulic pumps)
  • Mechanical, electronic and structural systems for avionics
  • Mechanical, electronic and structural naval systems
  • Mechanical, electronic and structural railway systems
  • Mechanical, structural and electronic motor vehicles components
  • Electric, hybrid, hydrogen and natural gas motors
  • Natural gas supply plants for automotive
  • Bio-mechanical aids (orthopedic prostheses for disabled)
  • Medical Devices

Our team of engineers, thanks to the multidisciplinary preparation, the organizational capacity and experience in project management, have the ability to develop in the field of mechatronics complex systems with high efficiency, optimizing the results in each project phase to ensure a final product with the highest levels of performance and security.

For an excellent mechanical design, the structural engineers’ high skills and know-how are essential. He applies the principles of physics and materials science in the analysis, implementation and maintenance of the automation systems. The engineer, in respect of the national and international regulations in the field of mechanical engineering, should plan a design methodology choosing the materials in relation to their passive and in motion mechanical strength, the possibility to interact, the interaction with the carrier fluid and to resistance. He must draw up the design of the prototype that will be optimized in the testing phase; he has to choose the electronic automation suitable for the performance required.

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3d model cars

The knowledge of thermodynamics, of the fluid dynamics and mechanics, of the materials science, of the resistance and of their interaction with the fluid-gas-material become essential tools in the planning of a mechanical design. Only after a phase of careful preliminary choices, the virtual prototype can be elaborated using modeling and simulation software as CAD-CAE 3D. The mechatronic control feedback is adopted for the implementation of the real system and its verification in real time.

The collaboration between professional engineers is fundamental in this branch. In GeoValDi Engineering the mechanical, aeronautics, aerospace, energy, nuclear, electronic, biomedical, chemical and materials engineer, work in synergy to ensure quality and energy efficiency in the automation systems. We design complex mechatronic systems thanks to the use of advanced simulation, calculation and verification software.

We choose carefully the materials, giving the right design to the structure and integrating an intelligent electronics that interprets the energy needs. We always try to insert alternative and renewable energies through the use of innovative technological systems. The simulation technique of CAD-CAE 3D allows us a rapid design with low costs of prototypes. We are also able to deliver a result exceeding expectations by enhancing the result of the project during each phase of elaboration.

Our design is based on research and continuous skills improvement. We are open to all positive innovations in the field of automation and to the study of new technologies to improve the systems and existing processes. Our goal is to design automation systems that are versatile, secure and efficient, with excellent performance and a low environmental impact that ensure a high-energy efficiency and can last in the time.

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