Nuclear Energy

In the recent decades the use of nuclear energy released with the nuclear reactions became an important source of energy, a plus to the ones already available. The nuclear energy has found application in the industrial and medical field: it could be considered as a primary source of energy.

GeoValDi Engineering can contribute to this field. Thanks to the know-how of its nuclear engineers, their high competence in the field of safety, energy management, mechanical design and engineering, they know how to realize and put into practice the most advanced technology ensuring the highest standards of safety and maximum performance.

The Nuclear Fission Energy, based on the use of uranium, is released during nuclear reactions, when a nucleus of a heavy element is divided into two or more light nuclei of lower mass: the mass disappearance is converted into energy. When the conditions permit to keep the fission reaction under control, man can use the consequent heat production. The energy produced has a high-energy content in comparison to the traditional fuels.

Drafting of Pressure Vessel concept. Note display in the monitor is my original.
Handling device in laboratories for nuclear medicine


Body scanner equipment in oncology department at hospital

The heat generated by the fission is used in nuclear power plants to produce electrical energy; today these plants are present all over the world.

Together with the nuclear fission energy there is another nuclear energy with a high-energy content: the thermonuclear energy. It originates from the fusion of two light nuclei, which are combined together by fusion reactions and generate a heavier and more stable core, with a lesser mass compared to the sum of the two starting cores. In this process, it releases energy equal to the mass disappearance during fusion. The use of this energy for industrial purposes has not yet been optimized due to the difficulty of keeping under control the fusion reaction, unlike the one deriving from the fission.

In the last decades, nuclear energy has represented an important source for the production of electrical energy in the industrial sector all over the world. In the field of medical sciences it represents a revolution in medicine, in the diagnosis and treatment of the most complex pathologies.

The use of radioisotopes, nuclear energy byproducts, has contributed to scientific progress for diagnosis and medical therapies. The radioisotopes represent the energy sources for satellites responsible for safety and security, telecommunications and the investigation of atmospheric phenomena both for our planet and outer space.

The transuranic elements, obtained form the nuclear reactions, are used in the radiation therapy and radiography with neutrons. This allows effective, targeted and effective treatment of the most complex degenerative pathologies as well as a careful an early diagnosis of disease. The nuclear and biomedical engineers benefit from the technological innovations, the knowledge of the mechanisms that regulate the genetic and biochemical processes and the radio isotopic interaction, to design and implement analytical system for biological process and sophisticated, safe and innovative medical equipment that can heal in a selective manner.

GeoValDi Engineering, in line with national and international legislations, provides its nuclear and biomedical high skilled engineers for the realization of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic systems which allow, in short times, to achieve the goal of a future that will guarantee a better quality of life.


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