GeoValDi Engineering centers its strenght on human resources and invests on a continuous training for its engineers. We are aware that an updated training and an in-depth knowledge are essential for our professionals who work in a period of time in which technological changes require dynamism and versatility. In our company we combine the desire of improvement, the desire of learning and the need to be an active part in positive changes that improve environment, with the necessity to share knowledge with all professionals and students who want to deepen their engineering knowledge and want to overcome professional challenges.

Our engineers are highly qualified academics, who offer their preparation and knowledge providing training courses in safety, alternative and renewable energy. We provide training courses for individual or groups with programs aimed to achieve the best result in the shortest time possible.

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“Knowledge, the heritage of humanity, the only truth that make us free”

Our training courses:

  • Safety (Law 81/2008); Title I-II-III-IV
  • Fire-fighting course
  • Traditional energies
  • Alternative and renewable energies
  • Geothermal
  • Geotechnical
  • Building Science
  • Rational Mechanics
  • Technical Physics
  • Preparation for state exams for Engineers: civil, environmental and industrial
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Knowing how to communicate and train people is the more arduous and noble task. There is no more precious art than teaching; every great civilization is measured by the degree of its society’s cultural preparation and by the desire to invest in knowledge.

In GeoValDi Engineering, we want to communicate our engineering preparation in order to contribute to the training of professionals and university students. For this reason we propose customized courses aimed at resolving difficulties and accelerate the achievement of objectives. We organize didactic paths for groups, for those who share an educational path and want to participate in an exchange of knowledge.

The ability of our teachers to understand the potential of each student and being able to communicate in a simple and exhaustive way, ensures a high degree of knowledge by providing the proper preparation.

Training means sharing and offering our knowledge, giving a strong contribution so that society can grow, evolve and improve. Teaching is to communicate knowledge, experience, exchange of energy, a secure bridge between past and future that conveys our history and our culture to future generations.

Our company periodically organizes cultural meetings, conferences on various areas of engineering. We understand that knowledge represents everyones heritage and that the true growth comes from discussion and sharing.

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