Geothermal power

Geovaldi Engineering designs complex geothermal plants for civil and industrial use, in accordance to national and international law. It can count on high skills acquired thanks to a detailed study of the disciplines that will contribute to the implementation of the project, providing the guarantee of a project with high standards of safety and performance.

The field of geothermal energy needs strong teamwork, various professionals engineers (energy, architectural, civil and hydraulic) are involved in the design and construction of plants for the production of electricity, district heating and the production of domestic hot water. In Geovaldi Engineering the design engineers have acquired high knowledge in the management and use of geothermal energy at various enthalpies. All implemented in full safety, in compliance with the regulations, complex systems that employ the geothermal heat coming from the earth for civil and industrial use.

Large geothermal plant pumping heat from the Krafla volcano, Iceland
Tubazioni in polietilene di un impianto radiante a pavimento
Water tanks in a geothermal heating plant

“The Earth’s heat for a constant and sustainable district heating”

We design the following geothermal systems for civil and industrial use:

  • Civil plants with vertical probes at low-enthalpy
  • Civil Systems with horizontal probes at low-enthalpy
  • Civil plants with use of ground water in a closed circuit
  • Industrial Geothermal plants
  • Planning and development of the cultivation of the geothermal field
  • Assistance on deep drilling and extraction of geothermal fluid

The geothermal plants for civil use, allow to achieve a adequate air conditioning and comfort in all seasons, ensuring a constant heat supply at a temperature of about 10-14°C at a variable depth between 60-100m. Geothermal energy unlike solar, photovoltaic and wind energy, represents a major challenge to the engineers. Thus, the exploitation of the heat of the subsoil takes place through invasive systems (perforations up to 150m for the low enthalpy), it is important to evaluate in order to protect the territorial geological features.

The areas affected by the Geothermal interventions must respect the safety parameters of seismic exposure. The possible presence of hydrogeological basins must be safeguarded and the evaluation of geological sites requires an in-depth study to verify the suitability to a geothermal exploitation, and also if the site is soil base (coherent incoherent saturated or unsaturated) or aquiferal (groundwaters). The legislation is strict and in Italy permissions are granted rarely for the direct use of groundwater which is regulated by each Province.

The fundamental objective of Geovaldi Engineering is to overcome these technical and normative limitations designing safe and efficient projects in protection of the territory to increase the demand for geothermal plants. The task of our geothermal engineers is to ensure that the entire system functions with rationality and ensures maximum performance for many years (even more than twenty years) offering the highest safety standards.

Our high competence in the realization of safe and efficient geothermal plants, relies on the ability to relate and to balance all the necessary factors to make the building or industrial facility to work correctly. An accurate geological survey gives the ability to safely use the geothermal heat. Moreover, the geothermal plant must be created by meeting the requests of the thermal structure. It is not possible to design a geothermal plant without first analyzing the thermal potential of a building, its requirements of heat for district heating and the production of domestic hot water. The geothermal plant must be appropriate to the energy demand of the building or industrial reality to which it is destinated. It should never be oversized or under sized to prevent that the electronic equipment designed for its operation and those integrated (for example the geothermal pump) ends up to consume too much energy.

Eruption of Strokkur Geyser in Iceland

The energy, architectural and civil engineers, work together to analyze the factors that contribute to the design of geothermal projects. The task of the architectural and civil engineer is to design building envelope with good insulating properties suitable to receive geothermal plants. In addition they have to design thermal insulation interventions in the case of existing building envelope with high heat loss capacity, or to design perforation interventions and the installation of adequate plumbing system.

The energy engineer has the task to link the potential of the available energy resources, the actual availability and usability, the capacity of the facilities to use them correctly, with the energy requirements of the building envelope. He has to elaborate an energy balance within every phase of the design. The energy engineer is responsible to promote the integration of other plants for the use of alternative and renewable energy (solar-photovoltaic-wind) to support and integrate the geothermal power.

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